Reader Edit: Supportive Swim Bra + Rashguard Combo

25 Jan.,2024




After Scotti and her friends posted about their favorite swimsuits, I received this email from Heidi:

I thought I’d share some photos of me in the swimsuit that works for me as another example of a different body type in a swimsuit. Feel free to use it or not. I do not claim to be anything close to a fashionista. I’m a 35 year old mother of three, ages 6, 4, and 2. I have an apple shaped figure, so basically I look always look postpartum as my extra weight lands around my middle. Further complicating matters, I am very busty (bigger than a DDD), have a long torso and I am not comfortable in bikini. Long torso one pieces/tankinis don’t fit my boobs and bra sized one pieces/tankinis don’t fit my torso. I think I’ve finally found a swimsuit combination that works for me this year though. It’s a bra sized bikini with a tunic style rash guard over it. The bikini top I am wearing as a swim bra. My boobs require support and the bra sized bikini top is great for that. The tunic style rash guard provides the coverage and the length that I want plus the ruching and pattern helps camouflage my middle. Underneath are tankini bottoms that I’ve had for years. I wish I had figured this out while I was still nursing as it would’ve been easier to nurse in this than a one piece as I could have simply switched to a lightweight nursing bra under the rash guard instead of the bikini top.


Heidi, first of all, I LOVE that you can see your 6 year old taking these photos!  Best. Photobomer. Ever.  What a good sport.

But secondly, fashionista or no, you’ve come up with a seriously good solution for a very tricky problem.  The swim bra lifts and separates (while offering more support) and the rashguard covers up any problem areas and protects from the sun.  Even better, you can completely change this look by swapping out rashguards.

Heidi, you mentioned that you like your rashguards to be tunic length.  Lands’ End (like the one you are wearing) does this pretty well, but if you are ever in the market for another, you should also check out the ones from Cabana Life.  The prints look a tad more modern, and the cut of the rashguard is a little sexier – the front is cut a bit lower, which would also be flattering for a large bust.

Additionally, I’ve rounded up a few other tunic-style rashguard options to better highlight the wide range of looks that this genius combo supports.

Well done, Heidi!!  A huge thank you to you (and your 6 year old, haha) for taking the time to send in pics!!!  Mamas around the world applaud you.  🙂

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Shop Rashguards

First of all, Heidi’s Lands End rashguard is currently on sale for $19.  She’s wearing a size medium for reference.  Here are a few more of my favs….

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