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Thinking of your comfort zone then get a sun visor hat. These are lightweight and provide far more ventilation than regular caps or hats. They are also perfect for working outdoors.

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These visors provide protection from the sun and as well give ventilation to your hair. It is truly an upgraded coverage compared to all your other forms of accessories trying to be like a cap.

If you wear a sun visor you will appear more stylish and classy and that’s for sure. This hat offers you great coverage and protection and can be easily paired with all sorts of clothing from dresses to shirts to polos to even swimsuits.

Compared to the traditional caps causing the trapping of heat and sweat, sun visor hats allow you to avoid all this mess and maintain a healthy scalp.

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Have a look at the product specifications of this wonderful product:


  • Trim design peak over crown

  • Heavy brushed cotton


  • Hook & Loop Closure 

Product Size

  • Standard

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Have a look at the product specifications of this wonderful product:

Product Specifications

  • 100% polyester visor

  • Pre-curved peak

  • Padded sweatband

  • Velcro touch closure

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Visor Hats- What You Must Know About Them

Do you feel suffocated when you wear a cap? You might find your scalp getting sweaty due to the cap covering your head. There are many people who are not comfortable wearing a cap even when they need to. Thankfully, with a number of headwear available in the market, you would get other options to protect your head. You can look for the alternatives to the conventional-style caps in online as well as physical stores. The best available option for you is the visor hat. They are quite in trend these days among the youth, students, and adult. Nowadays, several sports training clubs invest in promotional visors. The specially designed visor hats protect sportsmen from the heat of the scorching sun. They are also worn for styling purpose with a vast assortment in different styles, colors and designs. However, you should learn more about the visor and its features to buy the best one for yourself.

What are visors?

The word- visor comes from the Latin term- visus, and it indicates eyeshades. Thus, visors represent surfaces shading your eyes from bright sunrays. As the cap has a vertical surface, it is known as the visor.

Also known as the sports visors and Sunvisors, visor caps have a crownless design. A wide visor is the major feature of the hat. It has also a Velcro strap to ensure an adjustable fit. 

As there is no crown, your head remains uncovered. That is why the visor promotes breathability. Moreover, the visor hats will protect your neck, face, and forehead from the sunrays.

While some visor hats have pre-curved brims, others have flat brims. The overall design of the custom-printed visors also helps with clear visibility. Volleyball players, golfers, and tennis players like to wear visors. Sponsors of sports events, stadium owners and club management often order sports visors in bulk to promote their brand during any upcoming sports events. 

Visor caps and their origin-

York knickerbockers were first to wear visor caps. Within a short time, they started wearing merino wool caps with a visor and a crown. Nowadays, these visor caps have gained a high popularity. Your scalp will have no sweat when you put on visor hats Australia.

Can you really get sun protection with your visors?

You have now already understood the design of the visor cap. But, you can claim- How will these crownless models prevent the heat of the sunrays? The best visor manufacturers use specially treated materials, which will block the harmful UV rays. They also mention the UPF rating of the materials to make you aware of that. They have wider brims to ensure good shade and proper ventilation. Thus, the lightweight caps can provide you with both these things at a time.

They do not cover your head. However, you would surely not like the sweat dropping from your head. It is distressing for a sportsman to remove the cap repeatedly to dry the sweat. For these reasons, visors have become one of the preferred head-gear among the sports people. They are also being used as the best promotional gifts for sportspersons.

Is a visor the right choice for bald men?

Bald guys have to ensure that they feel comfortable with their visor caps. Hair provides the natural protection against sunrays. The melanin and thickness of hair can ensure protection. Thus, it is safe for a bald man to wear a visor cap indoors. For outdoor use during hot sunny days, they are advised to use the usual conventional cap. Baseball caps can also be the right option for them.

Women wearing visors in a style-

Women like to tie their hairs into a ponytail. It is easy to put on the visor in this hairstyle. Women tennis and badminton players prefer this style while wearing the visor. Even in school or college sports events, the girl students choose to go with these visor caps which look stylish while being highly useful. Thus, you can buy a visor cap and wear it for different purposes.

The market of visor is quite hot these days offering a variety of products ready to get customized. You can easily get your business logo printed or embroidered on it without any difficultly. A single-color visor like while, yellow, pink, blue or so would go well for logo printing using the screen-printing method. However, if you like some colorful designs then you can also ask for printing using different patterns. Have a look at the preview before ordering in bulk. They are perfect as a gift to sports participants, visitors or audience of any sports event as well. They will help you extend the reach of your brand identity.

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