10 Things to Consider When Buying Truck Parts

25 Apr.,2024


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Buying a used truck means you could potentially save thousands of dollars on everything from insurance and registration, upgraded features over a new model in the same price range, and more. While more dealerships are provided exceptional service and warranty packages for their used trucks, we know that trucks tend to take a bigger beating and work harder than used cars.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask before buying a used truck to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal on a great vehicle.

What Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Truck

The best way to be sure about your used truck purchase is to have confidence. Know what you’re getting before you get it. Getting a complete history, finding out if the vehicle has been modified, and even asking when the oil was last changed are important in determining whether you’ll need to spend more money on this truck after you buy it.

Before buying a used truck, your dealer should be able to answer all of these questions.

  1. Where did the used truck come from?

  2. Is there a CARFAX report?

  3. Has your dealership had to provide any service on the truck?

  4. Have any new parts, accessories, or equipment been changed or upgraded outside of factory specs?

  5. Can I see the mechanic’s pre-certification inspection if the truck is certified pre-owned?

  6. What is the dealership’s return policy?

  7. Has the truck ever been repainted?

  8. How many keys and remotes are included with the truck?

  9. Is the truck gassed up?

  10. When was the last time the oil and air filter was changed?

  11. Does this truck have a spare tire?

  12. How long can I take it out for a test-drive?

  13. Am I allowed to have it inspected by a mechanic of my choice?

  14. After inspection, would you be able to take care of any flaws they may find?

  15. Is this the best price on the truck?

Get the truck that will work best for you. Don’t settle for less. Find a dealership with in-house financing and trade-in capabilities to get the best bang for your buck on a used truck.

Find the Best Deal on a Used Truck Today with Car City

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10 Things to Consider When Buying Truck Parts

15 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Truck

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