The Benefits of Using china car sale

09 Apr.,2024


SHANGHAI -- China's vehicle sales accelerated 12% to a record 30.09 million units in 2023, an industry group said on Thursday, beating a 3% growth target set earlier.

Higher global demand, especially for Chinese electric vehicles, and fierce competition among automakers who enticed buyers with discounts and new models fueled the rise. Recovering appetite for commercial vehicles was another factor.

Delayed by the pandemic, Chinese OEMs are now accelerating plans to re-enter the European market — after a failed attempt around 2017.

While it’s clear they’ve learned from experience and now approach with an attractive brand strategy adapted to the non-Chinese vehicle buyer, they still face historic biases — the ‘Made in China’ label still being perceived as synonymous with poor quality, and the state’s relative political isolation among them. For example, in a recent GfK study, we found consumers held a favorable view of a vehicle, but perceptions changed when the country of origin was known and factored in. We cover this topic extensively in our article Dragon on wheels: How Chinese car brands are disrupting the EV landscape. 

Despite signs of rigorous strategic preparation, the road ahead for Chinese automakers is as challenging as it is promising. In theory, it can be done. Chinese OEMs have demonstrated recent, remarkable success in other categories, such as Small Domestic Appliances — where, in just under five years, they have come to dominate the robot vacuum cleaner segment.

Have Chinese car brands done enough to be successful the second time around? What about barriers that are outside their control? Rooted in findings surfaced by a study conducted with a representative sample of Belgian consumers, we delve into the nuanced dynamics that influence this ambitious plan’s success or failure, and its impact on the global industry.

The Benefits of Using china car sale

Chinese Car Brands in Europe: Success or Failure?

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