How much do electric brakes cost?

02 Apr.,2024


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Re: Cost of adding electric brakes to single axle trailer

You need a pair of electric brake hubs, the brake assemblies, wire, and the controller for the tow vehicle. Depending on state laws, you may also need a break-away device which includes a small battery and a break-away switch. This device activates the trailer brakes should the trailer become separated from the tow vehicle. The key to all of this is whether or not the current axle has the square brake mounting plate installed behind the wheel. Without this plate you cannot install brakes (hydraulic or electric) because that plate with the four holes is what the brake assemblies bolt to. Cost depends on what kind of shopper you are but generally the hubs are about $100 for the pair. Brake assemblies about $100 for the pair and the controller will be whatever you like in the form of features. Figure another $50 - $100. I haven't priced a break-away kit for some time but one could assume about $75 or so. Again, check your axle first for the brake mounting plate.


With Easy “Plug + Play” installation in 10 minutes or less, no car modifications are required. This means you don’t have to have your car off the road while someone fits it with a controller. Now you’ve got Elecbrakes on your caravan, horse float or trailer you can use any capable vehicle to tow.

Elecbrakes might not seem like the cheapest brake controller on the market, but once you take into account savings on installation, you’ll spend less with Elecbrakes. It will also last you the longest and you won’t need to pay for re-installation costs on any subsequent vehicles. Over the lifetime of your brake controller, this gives you even greater savings with Elecbrakes.

How much do electric brakes cost?

Electric Brake Controller Prices: Save with Elecbrakes?

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